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The Palestinian Museum is being developed as
a 'Trans-national' Institution
providing a coordinating reference point for all Palestinians.
  After years of setbacks, it seems a decade long dream to bring the first Palestinian museum on African soil to life may soon come to fruition. The final phase of completion of the eight storey Human Rights Centre and the Palestinian Museum is under way. Founder of the Kaaf Trust Dr. Anwah Nagia said now is the time to bring Cape Town and the world the first Palestinian museum and to bring South Africa the first human rights centre  
  Haar Mode 1948
Familien Foto
A Palestinian family taken shortly after their exile to Jordan in 1949. From the family album of Abla and Alfred Tubasi. ©The Palestinian Museum

unten Suzan Hijab 1949-1950 in Alexandrien- Egypt
Palestine's first National Museum opens today in the West Bank - a "cultural mothership" drawing together pieces from a scattered and censored Palestinian history
As the London-based chair of the museum's taskforce, Omar al-Qattan explains,

Palestinians' mass expulsion and exile since 1948 has presented the greatest challenge to conserving and exhibiting their heritage. "Their built up environment, as well as their cultural patrimony, was either destroyed or confiscated by the new state," he says. "One must never underestimate the profound and decimating effect that forced exile and war have on a people - its memory, its customs, its oral history, its music and dance, its artisanal skill base. These are more vital than museum pieces and their destruction may quite fairly be termed as cultural genocide."
Omar al-Qattan ist der Direktor
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Dieses meer ist mein - this see is my - Projekt Almamal/ Jack Persekian - Palestine Museum
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Karikatur from Gorg Karajan from Alsafir News Paper/ Beirut - Exhiption Beirut 1977

We owe Jack Persekian for its high performance Happy After Oslo agreement of 1994, I read about his new gallery in Jerusalem - At that time I had Peace Pictures acrylic series painted: As from the life in symbolic language. Because I always think of the people who could learn little. such works of Mir enables them to understand how from the mind not from the daily hate. so it should be understood Oslo.If I so much early work for the Arab world and particularly Palestine - Man looking for his home. Jack took me open arms and much love and respect.
Since then, he was not tired so much to connect in Palestine artistic creation
Since 1995, I know him, and he worked hard. With the help of the Palestinian community and sponsors, who also witnessed Alnakbah direct 1948 like me - you can not forget the way to the new replacement home -. We are scattered everywhere distracted- but Palestine has always brought us together despite all the distance Worldwide We learned a lot, we know much and exactly our pain. We are born there, to give back. That would be our duty without a must that we have to suffer so much. How many Diaspora we have experienced and how many countries we have come to know that we owe the separation of Palestine.

Wir verdanken Jack Persekian für seine hohe Leistung alles- Nachdem Oslo Vertrag 1994 ich las über seine neue Galerie in Jerusalem - Damals ich hatte Peace Pictures Acryl Serie: Vie aus dem Leben in Symbolische Ausdruckweise. Da ich denke immer an die Menschen die wenig lernen könnten. eine solche Arbeiten von Mir ermöglicht ihnen vie zu verstehen aus dem Geist nicht aus dem täglichen Hass.

Impressionen - little Acryl pictures "134" about the Happiness of Oslo Dokument 1994. A Present for the aufhority government to treat us well as people.
Wenn ich so viel anfangsarbeit für die arabische Welt und besonders Palästina - Man sucht seine Zuhause. Jack nahm mich mit Offenen Armen und viel Lieb und Achtung.
Seitdem war er nicht müde so viel sich auszudehen in Palästina Kunstschaffen -
Seit 1995 ich kenne Ihm und er arbeitete hart. Mit Hilfe der Palästina Gemeinde und Sponsoren, die auch Alnakbah direkten erlebt 1948 wie ich - man kann es nicht vergessen der weg nach dem neuen Ersatz Heimat - wir sind überall zerstreut- aber Palästina hat uns immer zusammen gebracht trotz aller Entfernung Weltweit. Wir haben viel gelernt wir wissen auch viel und genau unsere schmerz. Wir sind dort geboren, um wieder zu geben. Das wäre unser Pflicht ohne ein Muss, dass wir so viel leiden müssen. Wieviel Diaspora haben wir erlebt und wievielen Ländern haben wir kennen gelernt verdanken wir die Trennung von Palästina.

About Jack Persekian:
Born in 1962 into an American-Armenian family and now living in Jerusalem, Mr Persekian has been involved in culture in the Middle East for more than 30 years. He was the founder of the Sharjah Art Foundation in 2009 and head of the Sharjah Biennial, one of the region's most interesting exhibitions. He was appointed director of the Palestinian Museum in 2012.
the economic

    1- First Exhibition
Seiden Faden auf Seiden Faden/
Exhibition opening Wednesday 7 September 2016, 6-9pm
Beirut Art Center organizes Unravelled, a group exhibition on BAC's top floor
As a part of Qalandiya International III programme the Palestinian Museum cordially invites you to attend a series of symposiums:

2 -
The Palestinian Museum in Context:
The Role of Museums Worldwide in the Early 21st Century
Sunday, 9 October | 15:30-17:30
at Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah
Speakers: Reem Fadda, Myriame Morel,
Dr. Mahmoud Hawari
Moderator: Vera Tamari

The Theme of the Sea in Palestinian
Art & Culture
Tuesday, 18 October | 15:00-17:00
at the Palestinian Museum, Birzeit
Speakers: Dr. Salim Tamari, Khaled Hourani,
Dr. Ibrahim Abu Hashhash
Moderator: Fatin Farhat

At the Seams: A Political History of Palestinian Embroidery
Thursday, 20 October | 15:00-17:00
at the Palestinian Museum, Birzeit
Speakers: Rachel Dedman
(the exhibition curator),
Sliman Mansour, Farida Al ’Amad
Moderator: Tania Tamari Nasir
Guest of the symposium: Widad Kawar

In addition to the symposiums series, the Palestinian Museum organizes a set of tours around the museum.

For the Palestinian Museum full program at Qalandiya International, click hier

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Views of Palestine from the air, Jerusalem. A closer view of the former Palestine Archaeological Museum. Source: Library of Congress.
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